Infinite Chorus Investment, $500-$5000

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If you'd like to make a larger investment in the Seed Round, we're accepting investments of amounts between $500-$5000. To change the investment amount, click on 'Size of Investment' above and select an option.

We're seeking a total of $10,000 at a valuation of $500,000 in this round, so each $500 investment is worth .1% of the company. 

The difference between the Seed Round and the Series A round is valuation. If you invest $500-$5000 in the Seed Round then your money will buy you quite a few more shares.

Details on Investment / Legal Documentation


This agreement is by and between the seller (Erik Schimek / Infinite Chorus), and the buyer (the person making the purchase).

By purchasing an investment in Infinite Chorus in the amount of $500-$5000 from this website, the buyer is entering into a legal contract with the seller.

Details on this legal agreement:

The seller agrees to sell, and the buyer agrees to buy, shares in the soon to be legally formed company Infinite Chorus for a total purchase price of the amount added to the shopping cart (between $500-$5000). Each $500 investment in the Seed Round / Friends and Family Round is worth .1% of the company (one tenth of one percent). 

The buyer understands that this document is intended as a placeholder in the Seed Round / Friends and Family Round, and that a full legal document will be developed by an attorney prior to the Series A Round. The seller understands that the updated legal document will comply with the terms of this contract, and is intended to be a more complete document and not a modification of the essentials of the existing contract.

The seller represents and warrants that the Seller is the true and lawful owner of the intellectual property conveyed by this agreement and has full power to convey such property, and the title so conveyed is free, clear, and unencumbered.

Neither party hereto may assign this agreement without the written consent of the other, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

Severability. No waiver or modification of any of the terms of this agreement will be valid unless in writing.

Force Majeure. Performance by either party under this agreement is excused during the period such performance is prevented or delayed by government restrictions (whether with or without valid jurisdiction), war or warlike activity, insurrection or civil disorder, or any other causes similar or dissimilar to the foregoing that are beyond the control of either party and are not foreseeable at the time the agreement is executed.

Entire Agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all pre-existing agreements and understandings between them with respect thereto.

Choice of Law and Venue. This agreement is to be governed for all purposes by, and construed in accordance with the law of Minnesota and venue is to lie exclusively in the courts for the State of Minnesota.